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How To Tell If Your Local Beach Is Unsafe

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Well, under this topic, I’ll just explain some phenomenon (actually, some biological indicators) to watch out for other than excessive jellyfish numbers at the beach.

It is probably not a good idea to swim or fish at beaches or lagoons when:
-Blue Starfish, yes, they are beautiful, but, their numerous presence means the water is polluted, maybe with excessive sewage in it.
-Colourful beach/Red Tides – red, violet, orange, blue, green, brown, pink – yet again, its beautiful, but Do Not fish there, because the fish you catch may give you food poisoning, even killing you.


Algal Bloom Causes Red Tides

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There are millions of microscopic algae in the sea water. They photosynthesise/use sun to make food. To trap the necessary sunlight, they use pigments/colours eg green cholrophyll.

In summer/warmer water and also when minerals are available, algae Bloom/grow in number. In favorable times, just one alga can replicate (process of reproducing offsprings) a million times in 1 or 2 weeks!

With increasing numbers, there is competition for light so other pigments which are better adapted at collecting sunlight than green chlorophyll is used by algae. These coloured pigments may discolour the water to red, pink, orange, yellow, blue, green, brown or sometimes violet. This is Red Tide, (red because it is most common coloured pigment used)

Some algal species causing red tide can be very toxic to other organisms including humans. However, algae are very important in the sea because they are at the start of food chains. They may be eaten by shellfish (not harmed by red tide), then humans may eat the shellfish, but the toxins from the algae which are in the shellfish are fatal to humans. So, red tides are usually harmful to humans.

What Causes Water Shortage

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Like energy, the amount of water in the world is stable. It changes its physical forms, Ice-Water-Steam, but the amount of H2O never changes. Then, why are we facing problems of water shortages?

Actually, we are facing problems of clean water shortages. This is due to many things like industries, pollution, global warming etc.
-Industrial wastes may include heavy metals like mercury and lead which are very harmful to living things, they are illegally dumped into H2O sources.
-Also, especially in developing countries, sewage is dumped into rivers which are sometimes a source of clean H2O.
-Other pollution factors maybe rubbish directly thrown by people.
-A phenomenon which depletes clean H2O sources is Global Warming. With changing climates, some countries may face more floods which pollutes clean H2O while other countries may face droughts which causes massive evaporation/drying out of clean H2O.
-Human behaviour also leads to H2O shortages, many of us, especially in developed countries use H2O for granted. We use and waste excessive amounts of it.

Polluted water cannot be used at home. Even at water treatment stations, there is not enough technology to treat/clean out all the wastes in it.

Well, the conclusion is, People cause water shortage. Pollution and even global warming is caused by people, these things cause clean H2O shortage.

Since we all dread the “H2O cutoff” notice in the newspspers, please stop polluting H2O sources and try to use H2O wisely (you can also cutdown on water bills).

Harry Potter, books

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(HP fan discussion)

Dont worry, I wont bore you with 10 pages of my comments of books 1-6. This will be very, very brief.

– Harry Potter and the Sorceror Stone is a fantastic but a bit short book.
J.K Rowling is a great author that she explained a lot in such a short book. She added her unique sense of humor to spice up the story. Also, by the end of the book, everyone would have been feeling sorry as well as proud of Harry. Oh, as well as dying to read the next book.
Yet, I still dont understand if it’s sorceror stone or philosopher stone, can anyone explain the difference?
– HP and the Chamber of Secrets is darker, and longer. That seems to be the trend in HP books. It was Great! Loved it! My favourate lines from it are, Dobby: “Harry Potter must not return to Hogwarts” and a line from Ginny’s poem, ” His eyes are green as freshly pickled toad” . Its movie was the best of all the HP movies, loved Dobby, the flying car, Aragog (spider) and the chamber of secrets with the basilisk.
– HP and the Prisoner of Azkaban introduced Crookshanks, Sirius, Wormtail,Lupin etc. JKR was very creative here, but I kinda prefer book 2 to this.
– HP and the Goblet of Fire was better than the other 3 books (my op). It has an exciting atmosphere with the the Quidditch World Cup and Triwizard, I mean Quadriwizard, Competition. The beginning of Ron and Hermione’s romance, cough, cough. The ending leaves you hanging, no fair. We just find out Voldemort is back, then Cedric dies, Moody is not real Moody then end! The waiting for book 5 was unnerving.
– HP and the Order of the Phoenix, HP getting older, more teenagy and angry. He gets his first date with Cho, though, I knew from beginning the relationship wouldn’t last, it was meant to be with Ginny. Readers feel anger in this book then hatred for Umbridge. The ending was so sad! Why JKR, Why, did you kill Sirius? If Harry used his christmas present from Sirius (the communication mirror) maybe Sirius wouldn’t have died. BOO HOO
– HP and the Half Blood Prince, BOO HOO HOO! Why is JKR killing all my favourate characters? Why Dumbledore? The beginning of the book was different from beginnings of other books, but it was great, it took JKR 6 years to compose the beginning of this book! I was surprised that Draco turned out to have some good in him! Also, I really dont think Snape is a traitor, eventhough he killed Dumbledore. He may have only done it because he took the unbreakable vow to help Draco. I really think he is on the good side. Here again, the ending leaves you hanging, Harry and his friends going to face the world, find the horcruxes and final battle with Voldemort. The only light parts in this book were the romances between Bill+Fleur, Tonk+Lupin and the short relationship between Harry and Ginny.

I cant wait for the 7th book. Its a pity JKR is only writing 7 books!It will be worth reading. She’ll have to explain a lot in that book and I hope harry doesnt die in the end. Better not!

Harry Potter?

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Hey you all, have you found out any gossip on Harry Potter book 7? I’ve been looking everywhere and cant find anything on it. I’ll gladly post your infos on this site.

Harry Potter ,movies

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(HP fan discussion)

OK, not many of you will agree with me, but the books are much better
than the movies. But, who cares, movies have the gorgeous DanR, EmmaW, TomF and the hilarious RupertG.

I really liked movie 1 and 2. Chris Columbus(director) did really well, justified the books and the now soooo famous young actors then were Really Young and cute.

Moving on to Movie 3, what the………..? If you have only watched the movie, I seriously reccomand you to read the book if you want to understand the whole story. I grieve the death of the previous Dumbledore, I prefer him to the new one. The last scene with the firebolt was soo not cool. I was expecting the firebolt to appear in the middle of the movie and maybe a commotion over it! Plus, the scenes were not as grand as in the previous movies. The plot was Very brief, in short, I was let down. Alfonso CuarĂ³n(director)only did well with Buckbeak, the hippogriff.
All the actors grew up to be handsome and beautiful people. Girls scream for Dan and Tom, maybe even Rupert, while boys go for Emma. Emma really was beautiful but I wish that she kept her fussy hair as described in the book.

Now, HP and the Goblet of Fire, expected to come out on nov 18. I dont live in UK so cant comment on movie premiere, I just saw a brief report from BBC. Dan and Tom grow more gorgeous by the day. Emma is as pretty as a princess. Rupert is, well, he has also grown.
The added cast:
– Katie Leung (Cho Chang) cute as pie
– Clemence Poesy (Fleur Delacore) a French beauty
– Stanislav Ianevski (Viktor Krum) a real hunk
– Robert Pattinson (Cedric Diggory) too bad he appears only in movie 4
– Brendan Gleeson (Mad Eye Moody) you’ll find the “magical” eye comical
– Ralph Fiennes (Voldemort) thank god its not Mr.Bean.
– and many more!
However, if you really cant wait for the movie, check out the HP websites.
I reccomand
http://www.harrypotter.warnerbros.com – has all news on the movies
http://www.mugglenet.com – movies, books and heaps more
http://www.the-leaky-couldron.org – competitor for mugglenet

Harry Potter Anyone?

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Has anyone seen HP and the Goblet of Fire? If you have, I’d be more than happy if you could write its review and I’ll post it for you here.

I was hoping to watch the movie on Fri, like in UK but Fiji’s cinemas are showing it on DEC 5! Talk about unfair!

Facty bit on Toads, this one’s astounding!

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For anyone who hates Toads, I’m sorry you have to bear this.

For Toad lovers;

Did you know, a toad has 3 eyes!? the third eye is on top of their head. Well its not actually an eye, its an organ that produces a hormone, melatonin or something like that, (I read about this longago so forgot most of those “nonenglish” names).
I dont know why its called an eye, but I think its because it produces a hormone that detects if its day or night, and controls toad’s response to time of day like sleeping at day and hunting at night,some toads are nocturnal. So, this third eye functions a bit like an eye because it detects light.

Here’s a little joke about toads:
One day a canetoad went to a fortune teller to ask about his prospects of finding a girl for himself. The fortuneteller replied that he would indeed meet a pretty girl!
He met her next semester at a nearby university in her lab class.

Now, there always comes a time when a teen is faced with a toad to dissect in biology lab, I’ll tell you my experience to help prepare those of you who haven’t had the experience:
It started as a bright sunny day, birds were singing, the sea breeze blowing my hair off my face. Everything changed when I went for lab class. This was the day the fortuneteller’s predictions came true. There was a stench of swamp and rotten algae to welcome me at the door, I walked in, then there it was, a black box. The tutor informed us that it contained toads under the effect of chloroform so we had to be careful not to breath in the fumes. Then, came the part when we had to actually take the life of the poor devils, I quote the instructions:
hold them by the legs and bang their head against the table edge until their tongue comes out: end quote.
To be honest, I was more disgusted than feeling sorry so I let my partner perform the deed. Then, there is the usual dissecting, cutting off the skin, muscles and cartilage plates and the boring part of identifying organs and bla bla. Hey, I wasnt that bad at dissection, did a clean job, just one thing to say, the poor third eye must have been smashed after all the bangings.
The most disgusting parts of the lab were the dissection of the stomach to find its contents. Also the dissection of the intestines and rectum then looking at them under a microscope. The contents were enough to make us lose our appetite for lunch, which was just after class, but the smell was, I cannot put it into words! In, conclusion, I went on a diet for the day.

So, dear all, I hope you have happier encounters with toads and dont forget about their 3rd eye when you bang their heads.


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Hello all! thanks for visiting my site, I’ll give you abrief intro of it:
– it has facts
– jokes
– fun stuffs
– comments on life
– movie and book reviews
– yeah, a lot on HARRY POTTER! I love HP.
– dogs and any other undisgusting animals
OK, my site’s not purely of science, but it’s my site and I like to burge in my interests once in a while.
Site’s welcome to all anytime.

Hello world!

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