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Facty bit on Toads, this one’s astounding!

Posted in Uncategorized by wink on November 8, 2005

For anyone who hates Toads, I’m sorry you have to bear this.

For Toad lovers;

Did you know, a toad has 3 eyes!? the third eye is on top of their head. Well its not actually an eye, its an organ that produces a hormone, melatonin or something like that, (I read about this longago so forgot most of those “nonenglish” names).
I dont know why its called an eye, but I think its because it produces a hormone that detects if its day or night, and controls toad’s response to time of day like sleeping at day and hunting at night,some toads are nocturnal. So, this third eye functions a bit like an eye because it detects light.

Here’s a little joke about toads:
One day a canetoad went to a fortune teller to ask about his prospects of finding a girl for himself. The fortuneteller replied that he would indeed meet a pretty girl!
He met her next semester at a nearby university in her lab class.

Now, there always comes a time when a teen is faced with a toad to dissect in biology lab, I’ll tell you my experience to help prepare those of you who haven’t had the experience:
It started as a bright sunny day, birds were singing, the sea breeze blowing my hair off my face. Everything changed when I went for lab class. This was the day the fortuneteller’s predictions came true. There was a stench of swamp and rotten algae to welcome me at the door, I walked in, then there it was, a black box. The tutor informed us that it contained toads under the effect of chloroform so we had to be careful not to breath in the fumes. Then, came the part when we had to actually take the life of the poor devils, I quote the instructions:
hold them by the legs and bang their head against the table edge until their tongue comes out: end quote.
To be honest, I was more disgusted than feeling sorry so I let my partner perform the deed. Then, there is the usual dissecting, cutting off the skin, muscles and cartilage plates and the boring part of identifying organs and bla bla. Hey, I wasnt that bad at dissection, did a clean job, just one thing to say, the poor third eye must have been smashed after all the bangings.
The most disgusting parts of the lab were the dissection of the stomach to find its contents. Also the dissection of the intestines and rectum then looking at them under a microscope. The contents were enough to make us lose our appetite for lunch, which was just after class, but the smell was, I cannot put it into words! In, conclusion, I went on a diet for the day.

So, dear all, I hope you have happier encounters with toads and dont forget about their 3rd eye when you bang their heads.


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