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What Causes Water Shortage

Posted in Uncategorized by wink on November 25, 2005

Like energy, the amount of water in the world is stable. It changes its physical forms, Ice-Water-Steam, but the amount of H2O never changes. Then, why are we facing problems of water shortages?

Actually, we are facing problems of clean water shortages. This is due to many things like industries, pollution, global warming etc.
-Industrial wastes may include heavy metals like mercury and lead which are very harmful to living things, they are illegally dumped into H2O sources.
-Also, especially in developing countries, sewage is dumped into rivers which are sometimes a source of clean H2O.
-Other pollution factors maybe rubbish directly thrown by people.
-A phenomenon which depletes clean H2O sources is Global Warming. With changing climates, some countries may face more floods which pollutes clean H2O while other countries may face droughts which causes massive evaporation/drying out of clean H2O.
-Human behaviour also leads to H2O shortages, many of us, especially in developed countries use H2O for granted. We use and waste excessive amounts of it.

Polluted water cannot be used at home. Even at water treatment stations, there is not enough technology to treat/clean out all the wastes in it.

Well, the conclusion is, People cause water shortage. Pollution and even global warming is caused by people, these things cause clean H2O shortage.

Since we all dread the “H2O cutoff” notice in the newspspers, please stop polluting H2O sources and try to use H2O wisely (you can also cutdown on water bills).


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