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King Kong, Movie Review

Posted in Uncategorized by wink on December 26, 2005

Well my impressions of the movie in succession order are;
snore, hmm, argh, arrrrgh, oh, awh, sniff, and boo hoo hoo.
I quite liked the movie, a great 3 hour mix of thrilling excitement and drama. If the trailers arent motivating you to watch the movie, here’s a short as possible summary of the story.

A few decades ago, just after the completion of the empire state building in new york, innocent, desperately in need of a job and poverty-driven Anna, also a size 4 actress, after a few bit of lies and tricks ended up acting opposite a very famous heroin actor on a disguised wild animal capture/almost pirate-like ship. She ended up falling for the dashing script writer(Adrian Brody/academy award’s best actress basher). With the help of the cunning, filming obsessed director, their ship arrived at an unchartered island, which was seriously creepy from its cliffs fencing it to the ugly natives…and the creatures in its forests. Well, the cute blonde was offered as a sacrifice to the giant gorilla by the natives, this involved a lot of lava displays, and of course a lot of screaming of the blonde, actually, she screamed quite a deal in the movie. Well, the ape played her like a doll and took a liking to her dancing around and juggling. Well, the search party, lead of course, by lover boy met monstrous creatures in the forest, including giant mossies, crawling bugs, brain-sucking worms and Dinosuars! A lot of people got squashed and eaten. On the other end of the forest, the ape fought off 3 dinosaurs to save blondie, after which she started to feel for the ape. The happy moment was ended by lover boy rescuing her and the ape pursuing after them. The survivors of the party used chloroform on the ape to put him to sleep and somehow took him back to New York for display to its upper class. Blondie couldnt stand the cruelty and escaped the press and pratically disappeared from the survivors of the trip. Eventually, the ape broke away from its chains and started destroying half the city while searching for his blonde babe. The couple found each other in the end and went skating on ice and climbed the empire state building. The ape fought some aircraft sent by the military to put it down while also keeping this blonde from danger. Of course, on the end, it died and made its famous fall off the building, leaving his blondie to cry in the arms in the arms of lover boy.

Hey, trust that Peter Jackson is an academy award winning director, and he makes magnificent movies. King Kong is really a masterpiece and should be at the top of everyone’s must-see movie list.


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