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Mystery Behind Farts

Posted in Uncategorized by wink on January 16, 2006

Did u know that farting releases methane gas into atmosphere? Methane gas is green-house gas so every time u fart, you are contributing to global warming and air pollution!
Before u environmental conservationists stop ur farts, note that farting regularly keeps u healthy, removes poisonous methane gas in ur bodies, u can actually get sick if u stop farting. A very wise person once told me that a healthy person should fart around 80 times/day!
A family remedy to cleanse our bodies off methane in times of indigestion is to eat a lot of either raw or toasted garlic. It really works! Only, try this when no one’s around as u’ll be stinking from both ends.

Farts can be useful:

Farts and other gases produced by rotting organic materials are called biogas. In the days before electricity, biogas was drawn from the underground sewer pipes in London and burned in street lamps, called gaslights. Biogas can be used as fuel for other things left to ur imagination!

What produces farts:

Everyone creates this gas as they digest food. Helpful/symbiotic bacteria called methanogen, in our bodies produce methane gas (farts) as they help digest food inside our anaerobic/oxygen-free intestine.


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